Our Story

Our story begins mid 19th century, when an Italian designer decides to open his horizons and travel to the other side of the world to find inspiration in the tropical and lush nature of the islands of Hawaii.

Born and raised in Italy, son of a florist, Beppe Spadacini already has a keen eye for the beauty that the world carries and blessed with fine design techniques he is able to translate this beauty on paper: designing marvellous patterns drawn directly from his experience in these exotic habitats.

In order to fuel his creativity, his travel continued and extended to other enchanting parts of the world, were finally falling in love with the beauty of the Island Bali, deciding to trade the Italian winter months for the tropical jungle of Bali. 

Designs came flowing, especially tropical inspired ones, and quickly word spread; Italian fashion houses came asking for the designs of Beppe Spadacini. 

Now, more then 50 years later with one-of-a-kind souvenirs from these exotic places in form of thousands books, magazines, photographs and fabrics found on local markets, in addition to the infinite hand drawn and painted designs, this artistic legacy is conserved in the archive ‘Archivio Spadacini’

The residence, located in Como, Italy, which the designer once choose for its idyllic position and used as atelier, now hosts the headquarters of ‘Archivio Spadacini’. Based in a medieval home, with an historical courtyard a stone-throw away from Lake Como, Archivio Spadacini carries forth the tradition by continuing the creative design process as well as sharing our know-how of this cultural heritage. 

Equipped with five suites, three lounges, a conference room and library, this unique location, within Suites & Atelier Lake Como, welcomes small and large work teams, offering Italian hospitality in a place of extreme beauty, serenity and concentration. It is here were we host events, workshops, seminars in to share our know-how of cultural heritage, artistic culture, technical knowledge and innovation, mainly in textiles.

Our rich and unique archive with its diverse content serves as a source for inspiration and reference point for our Italian design team, which offers the ideation and application of pattern designs and color variations, in addition to advice on seasonal trends for different product sectors. We offer personalised research in our Archive, formation and training on artistic and technical culture of the textile industry, with specific expertise in the world of color, as well as technical support throughout the whole design process.

In the Archivio Spadacini Shop you can find our collection, offering luxury home and fashion treasures.